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History of Aviation in Massachusetts

At the end of the Nineteenth Century, Massachusetts was a major center of individual experimentation with aeronautical devices including plane form models, kites, gliders, and basic aeronautical research.

By 1908, experimenters from Boston to Worcester, to Springfield and in Milton, Marblehead, Ashburnham and Amherst had built, and were testing, full scale aircraft of all types, and then flew them on frozen lakes, ocean beaches, and from hilltops, pastures and marshland.

The Twentieth Century also brought the Bay State's educational institutions into the scientific testing of aircraft designs, construction methods and materials. The Blue Hill Observatory continued its weather research and but now expanded its study of the atmosphere in which aircraft operated. Colleges and universities accelerated the scientific study of aeronautical theory and in their laboratories and wind tunnels they developed practical solutions to the problems of flight.

These capabilities grew and evolved along with aviation to make Massachusetts a leader in aeronautical research and development.

Our Historical Focus

  • People - Aviation Pioneers, Pathfinders, Pilots, Engineers, Mechanics, Photographers, Personalities
  • Institutions - Universities, Laboratories, with major aeronautical educational and research programs
  • Companies - Aircraft Builders, Flight Training, Airlines,
    Air Charter Companies, Aviation Training Schools
  • Aircraft - designed, built or operated in Massachusetts
  • Engines - Rotary, Inline, Radial, Jet Turbine, Turboprop
  • Places - Airports, Airfields, Landing Fields, Military Bases, Historic sites, Texas Towers,
    Nike and U.S.C.G. sites.
  • Events - Aero Meets, Competition Flying, Air Races,
    Air Displays, Airport and Airfield Dedications.
  • Avionics - The Companies, Test and Research facilities
    for Air Traffic Control Programs, Navigational Aids, All Weather and Night flight, RADAR, and Aerial Photography


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